Once in every generation, you will find someone that has all the talents, the look, and an overall great character that will light up the world and bring joy and unity among people. We are fortunate enough to witness the life of Celesta as it unfolds right before our eyes. She is one of the iconic musical artists in this era. She transcends music and her voice reaches the four corners of the Netherlands and the globe in general. You will never find another diamond as beautiful as her in this day and age. She gives the total Amsterdam Heineken experience to her fans and followers worldwide.

The music

Celesta is a singer, songwriter, and composer. She wants to be very involved in the music that she creates. When she sings, she wants parts of her emotions to be infused with the song. With every beat of her heart, the joy, the tears, and her other feelings become mixed with the song. This is why she creates songs that truly personifies what she is and what she has become.

Every song that is released in her albums is written by this young composer. The words and verses uttered all come from the depths of her passions and sensations. Every experience that her life sees are preserved and somewhat magnified in the lyrics that she makes for her albums. She is more than just an Amsterdam holiday to her fans. The layers of her feelings and sentiments are what makes this artist special to the listeners of her songs.


The melody

Celesta is a gifted musician. When she was a child, her parents taught her how to play musical instruments and to sing. At a young age of 10, she was able to master playing the piano, violin, cello, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums. Now, he incorporates everything that she knows about music in the songs that she composes. Some of the music that she adds to albums that her company releases are partly played by her. Listen to some of the unplugged albums that she has and you will see how truly talented this woman really is.

The films

She has also ventured into acting in films. Because of the great talent that she has, she has successfully gone beyond the walls of music and tried to act in films starring the best and brightest actors of her time. Because of the box office draws that her movie makes, you will definitely see more of her on the big screen. Let us be hopeful that her hectic daily schedule, concerts, music-making, and numerous advertisements will allow her to make more beautiful films.

The store

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