How to Compose Songs

For different artists and songwriters, they have different styles in composing songs. Some would go lock themselves in a room and find inspiration in silence. For others, they want to go on an Amsterdam holiday and get ideas on their next song by looking at people and experiencing the environment. Some even go back to the emotions that they felt before to write songs about them.

Here are practical tips in writing songs:

Get something to write to

You always have to be ready when the idea suddenly comes in and you will have something to write. Some of the best songs ever recorded are written in ten minutes or less. Because of this, you should always have a pen and paper prepared so that you are able to write the song that you have been thinking about for days.

Other songwriters are not comfortable in writing their songs using the normal pen and paper. Others want to use laptops to type the lyrics of the song. Others prefer tablets and electric notebooks. If you want to save money on electronics, you can use voucher codes issued by online shops like Lazada and Zalora.

Start with a title

You have to at least have a particular idea in mind when you are writing a song. You cannot let your mind wander with different topics in your mind. This is why you should think of a title for your song. It will be easier for you to think of the lyrics if you know what you are writing about.

Don’t mind if your title does not look as good as you want it to be. You can change it in the future once your song is complete. But right now, you should stick with what you have. Make the title as simple as possible.

Choose the structure of the song

You have to decide on the structure that you want your song to have. This is to give a framework to your song even before you start writing the lyrics. Write the number of verses that you desire for it. Write the chorus and the bridge of the song.  A good structure for a song can really help the writer in speeding up the whole songwriting process.